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Thursday, 3 May 2018

What about the Earth? Why save it? What can we do?

We hear a few people everyday talk about the harms our actions cause on the Earth. Sometimes, we may be unconcerned and might even think we're doing nothing wrong to the Earth. Are are really spoiling the Earth? What part(s) of the Earth is/are affected by our actions? Why should we reduce the causes of harm we do and try to save the Earth? Read this article

What is happening in the Earth today

To help us understand the various ways our actions are ruining the Earth, let us split the Earth into various parts.
  • Lithosphere (Land)
  • Hydrosphere (water)
  • Atmosphere (Air) and
  • Biosphere (Life supporting)
  • How can we save the Earth?

What's happening in the lithosphere?

  • Dirt littered around in different places
  • These dirt block gutters and other water passages which in turn, results to floods here and there
  • The dirt are filled with germs which means they're unhygienic and cause different diseases. 
  • This makes the Earth (where the dirt is) become unfit for us to live in

Would we like our lands to continue this way? Should our Children be welcomed with a germ-filled environment? Please view a few pictures from around the world to see the various harms done on the lithosphere and the side effects

Image result for dirts on the streets
A street in India 
Image result for lagos flood
Flooded street in Lagos caused by blockage of water passage
Image result for skin disease caused by dirty environment
Skin infection (Eczema) caused by dirty environment

What's happening in the Hydrosphere?

About 70% of the whole Earth today is covered in water. Water isn't just part of the Earth, it's part of our lives. Most organisms need water to survive. To bath, drink, wash our clothes and do others things, we need water. Do you know that we are making water to become unfit for our needs by some actions we take everyday? Here are a few ways we spoil the water in the Earth:

  • Industries pour their wastes into the sea
  • We throw dirt into various water bodies
  • Most of the wastes which industries pour into the sea are toxic
  • When we burn our wastes, the smoke enters into the atmosphere then later comes down as rain into various water bodies and even into the lithosphere

Water is precious to us. Let's start having greater value for water. View some pictures of water pollution
Pollution in the Lachine Canal, Canada
Raw sewage and industrial waste in the New River as it passes from Mexicali to Calexico, California

What's happening in the Atmosphere

I don't need to give the importance of the air to us. Even a little child would quickly know how valuable air is to him/her. Here are a few ways we damage our air
  • Some people smoke everyday
  • Some people (especially in developing countries) burn up their wastes themselves
  • Industries like Refineries release toxic gases into the air every moment
  • In developing countries, people switch on their generators as alternate power source
  • Most cars today release toxic gases into the air

Something outstanding i find about air pollution is that when (not if) you point a finger to other people, four finger are pointing back at you. Let's take Nigeria as a case study. The citizens cannot accuse the government of air pollution through the refineries because they themselves burn their wastes by themselves whenever they feel like. If dirt isn't burn in this street today, check the next street and you'd surely see flames.

A few side effects of air pollution includes:
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Lungs-related diseases
  • Cancer
  • Increase in death rate
Dispersion of excess amounts of sulfur dioxide 

Bad air not fit for breathing
Image result for smoking
Smoking releases harmful gases into the air
Image result for port harcourt soot
Port Harcourt soot, Nigeria

Talking about the Biosphere, our animals are dying

  • Elephants are pregnant for almost two years but poachers kill them within a minute
  • More and more Rhinos are killed regularly for their horns
  • Fishes find water unfit so they become displaced and some die in the process
  • More lands are developed everyday and making the animals who take the place as their natural habitats to become displaced while some die as well
  • The sicknesses that affect us through various forms of pollution also affects the animals and kill them 
  • Using Nigeria as a case study, people don't value animals anymore and kill every animal that comes their way, burning them or eating them 
  • Generally, the Earth is becoming unfit for both man and animals 
Image result for last male white rhino
World's last male white Rhino is dead
Image result for dead elephant
Dead elephant

Snake killed for food in Nigeria

What do we do to save the Earth?

  1. Let us be forever cautious of the actions we take
  2. Reduce the amount of time we spend on smoking
  3. Dispose dirt the right way
  4. Don't pee into rivers
  5. Repair cars to reduce the amount of smoke coming out from the exhaust
  6. Governments should make sure that industries don't release toxic waste into water bodies
  7. Alternate forms of fuels should be used instead of petrol, diesel and kerosene to reduce the rate of production
  8. More and more environmental awareness campaigns should be put in place
  9. Let us not kill animals just cause we're able to. We could trap them and send them elsewhere so they won't cause nuisance around us 
  10. Let us all come out and work on environmental sanitation days
  11. More and more ways. In summary, let's not kill animals for no reason, let's dispose our dirt the right way and reduce the amount of toxic/harmful gases we release into the air.



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