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Friday, 29 June 2018

Environmental issues awareness and plastic pollution campaign

On the 29th of June 2018, students of Animal and Environmental Biology U2016 set went outside their school University of Port Harcourt to campaign against Plastic pollution and other environmental issues.

Our mission

Our mission is to enlighten everyone we meet in the street about the various problems we find in our environment like littered roads, flooding and others especially plastic pollution. We also want to use the opportunity to invite people to study in our department 'Animal and Environmental Biology'. To fulfill our missions, we printed two different types of flyers. One for Environmental/plastic pollution campaign, the other for our department

Our preparation

We've always planned to do this rally either on World Environment day (5th June 2018) or on our community service day which was the 16th of June 2018. We postponed this movement to the 29th of June 2018 due to some factors like preparedness. We had to notify our department staffs about our campaign so they'll support us, notify the school security so they'll permit us to do a rally both within/around school and notify the Commissioner of Environment for Rivers state (who is also a staff in our department). After all consultations, we finally agreed to do the campaign on Friday the 29th of June 2018

Our movement

The day finally arrived. We've chosen white and blue as the color of the day. Our shirts were white, trousers/skirts were blue. Everyone cooperated with this arrangement. We chose Choba, a community not far from our school for the rally. We had to assemble in our department, trek to Choba junction and campaign in different streets in the community. We all assembled by 1pm and our movement started by 2pm. By then, our banners, bus and musical instruments, entertainment, badges and flyers were ready.
Preparing to move
With two of our lecturers before going

Impacts on the community

Asides sharing of flyers, we searched for interested people, spent time with them and told them a thing or two about their environment and the hazards we humans cause. We also campaigned with two waste bins. We used them to pick up whatever plastic we find on the road and also keep our dirt in it so we won't litter the environment we're trying to save.
Two of our members picking plastics on the road
On the streets
My colleagues and I
Let's beat plastic pollution

Our vision

We hope that our message would reach the minds of our listeners and also the readers of our flyers. We hope that more campaigns will be done to enlighten people elsewhere so they value and care for the Earth. Lastly, we hope that we can have more applicants of Biology-related disciplines like the department of Animal and Environmental Biology.
This young boy was so interested in what we were doing so I gave him the flyer about our department. He's going to be a scientist in the future

Contact us

You can contact us as a class for enquiry and/or other reasons by sending a mail to our HOD [email protected] or to me the class rep [email protected]. Visit us at AEB building besides Ofrima complex, University of Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria. If your're interested in knowing more about our department, please check Animal and Environmental Biology.
A few of us with our HOD when we returned. She was proud of us


  1. Nice movement. It's an important issue facing the world today