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This blog was founded for just one simple reason: 'To help save the Earth'. The Earth mentioned doesn't include the world with regards our activities like politics, sports and all that. The Earth refers to the Biosphere, biological activities and nature in general.

The Earth has been greatly devalued. In the search for natural resources to help with man's technology, the Earth has been greatly deteriorated.

Global warming, unhygienic water, radiations in some locations and many other catastrophes are caused because of man's negligence to the Earth. The purpose of this blog is to awaken more souls to be aware, open their eyes to see the Earth the way it is today in comparison to the way it was supposed it be.

Animals are endangered and some species have become extinct. It takes the Elephant about 2 years to carry it's unborn baby till it's finally delivered but it takes less than a minute to be shot and killed. The purpose of this blog is to reach the minds of everyone so whenever they see these valuable creatures, they would remove any thought of killing it for money.

This blog would point out problems in the Earth today. It would bring solutions in solving those problems. It would motivate everyone to save the Earth which ever way possible. These are the purposes of ABC; ALL BIOLOGICAL CONCERNS