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Elijah Rona

Akwijoro Elijah Rona was born on February 6 several years ago by Sarah and Goddey Akwijoro. He was born and raised in Delta State Nigeria. Currently on his first (1st) degree (year 2020) at the department of Animal and Environmental Biology, University of Port Harcourt.


Elijah Rona has always being known as unique and multi talented. Unique in the sense that he doesn't follow the crowd; when a situation would make his mates proud, he'll be humble, when everyone else have a specific decision in mind to carry out, he'll still want to explore other options. Elijah Rona is multi-talented. He's good in cooking, singing, accessing others (psychologically) and blessed with coming up with better decisions. He's also a great leader. Elijah Rona calls himself a lazy person because if you give him any task that requires lots of time and energy, he'll gladly accept but would change the settings so that this job that was stressful would become easier, more fun and produces equal or more results.

Elijah Rona sticks with his passion, hobbies, talents and zeal. He has always loved nature. Always preferred tree houses to glass houses, horses to cars, natural scents (from flowers) to artificial scents (from perfumes). Even though the society he's from doesn't support the ideology of being unique, Elijah Rona has always tried to always display his uniqueness. He chose Animal and Environmental Biology as his first choice and till date, has been encouraging others to follow their passion even though the society doesn't accept it.

Akwijoro Elijah Rona has been blogging since 2015. He earlier opened a psychological/personal development blog but it stopped functioning cause of some issues and now, he opened 'ABC; All Biological Concerns' so that what he blogs about would be in harmony with his passion and discipline


For now (2018), he's serving as a course rep for his set U2016 to boost his leadership skills. He's gaining one or two experience by serving more than 200 people so that by the time he grows older, he'll be fit to be a leader, a philanthropist, a public speaker and a counselor.

Elijah Rona has always loved helping people and plans to open a vocational center and an empowerment scheme in the nearest future.

Elijah Rona has Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Dangote, David Ebajemito Olusoji as his mentors, not just for their wealth but also for their humility, zeal to help mankind and zealous spirits. He also plans to be a mentor to lots of young people. He is currently loved by people for now (both old and young).


His plans for the future are:

  • Build recycling plants worldwide
  • Open vocational centers worldwide
  • Create different empowerment schemes worldwide
  • Open Animal farms Nationwide (Nigeria)
  • Other undisclosed innovative ideas to make the world a better place
  • Inspire the youths with his success story to start doing the right thing.

With the help of determination, execution of goals and time, Elijah Rona hopes to achieve most of his aspirations in the nearest future.

To draw the curtains, Elijah Rona is a young man who lives his life with principles. He has lots of principles and lives his life to be fit as possible. The general principle he uses in his life which fits his other principles is:
I live my life to please God and men. I come next
God bless Elijah Rona. God bless people who adds values to him. God bless people who'll take care of the Earth. God bless you

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