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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy page would enlighten everyone who visits this blog about the blog-administration-visitors relationship. Reading this page would make you understand our cookie usage, treatment of articles/media from other sources and treatment of articles/media originally belonging to this blog.

Cookie usage

Cookies are small in size data stored in your browser to enable better surfing in this blog. For example, the logo and flavicon of this blog may be stored in your browser so that when next you're visiting, pages would load faster since these images don't have to reload. Also, the kind of posts (tags) you visit often would be stored so that you'll get recommendations and suggestions of other posts that'll match your interest.


Viewers of this blog would be served ads. ABC serves Google ads to it's viewers. These ads shown to viewers are personalized which means that these ads would most probably match the desires of viewers. That is if a viewer mostly searches for a specific term on google and there's an advert that matches his/her desires, such adverts would be shown to the viewer right here on ABC.

Articles/media from other sources

ABC administration values other people's content so it promises to give full credit to whoever credit is due. Whenever a quote, picture, video or any article is displayed in ABC, the owner would be given his/her due credit

Articles/media belonging to ABC

It's of great pleasure that you called contents from this blog and wish to display it somewhere else. Please do well to drop the attribution of the media you're copying. You could use the full blog name, the link of ABC or the link of the page where the content was copied from.

Social media platform

Articles shown on this blog may also be publicized via social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbledupon, Twitter and so on. These articles may also include content from other sources.

Share articles to loved ones

ABC encourages and pleads with you to share articles and contents which motivates you to others so they'll be motivated as well. Thanks for your cooperation

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